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Every Agromart Group location proudly employs Certified Crop Advisors (CCAs) to help you make agronomic decisions that improve your bottom line.

Attaining a CCA accreditation takes commitment from both management and staff. It’s that commitment to their craft that gives our customers peace of mind knowing they can trust their local Agromart Group partners to give knowledgeable advice. With this exceptional product knowledge, it becomes clear why the Agromart Group is your number one resource for up-to-date crop production information.

What type of agricultural services does the Agromart Group offer?

Your local Agromart Group location provides a wide range of agronomic services, including field scouting and soil sampling, crop advisory, application, and nutrients management planning.

Many of our CCAs work very closely with both chemical and seed company representatives to organize, plan and implement on-farm test plots. Examining and evaluating new products and production practices ensure we are fully informed and up-to-date. We’re committed to continuous learning and the relentless search for crop production improvements.

Crop Advisory

The Agromart Group is a strong supporter of the Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) program in Ontario and the Maritimes. That’s why we currently have CCAs working in retail locations across Eastern Canada.

The Certified Crop Advisor program sets industry standards for crop advisors, and ensures that the people you deal with locally are well trained and committed to helping you optimize your crops, answer important questions, and resolve crop-related issues.

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Professional Application Services

Your local Agromart specializes in professional application services. Our highly trained, dedicated staff, along with the best equipment in the market, ensures that your fertilizer and crop protection products are applied with accuracy and precision. We can even facilitate aerial application when requested through third-party partnerships.

There is a wide range of crop protection products that may fit your needs. However, selecting the right program requires in-depth knowledge of how effective the product will be under your specific situation.

  • Lower equipment & maintenance costs
  • No inventory carryover costs
  • No product storage costs
  • No risk of product devaluation, damage, or freezing
  • No crop protectant storage safety issues
  • Advanced technology reduces the risk of pest problems
  • Cost-effective products and rate selections tailored to your unique situation
  • No risk of getting the application or rate wrong, potentially damaging your crops
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Nutrient Management Planning

Successful businesses begin with a strong, comprehensive business plan – and your farm inputs should not be any different. Establishing goals and objectives, clearly defining budgets, and accurately forecasting revenue and cost are all keys to a successful crop season. The Agromart Group can help you establish a framework to earn more profits and make the most of your farm inputs. Talk to your local Agromart Group retailer today.

Many Agromart Group partners offer a Nutrient Management Planning service for large livestock producers who are building new barns. In addition, our specialists can use their knowledge of the latest technology to produce a comprehensive fertilizer/nutrient management plan that is customized to your specific field and is also compliant with provincial requirements. With their commitment to continued education, our CCAs are leaders in this area.

The Agromart Group is dedicated to reducing its environmental footprint and risks generated by its activities. We strive to ensure our practices are respectful to the environment in a wide variety of ways.

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